Final report



Expected scientific results:

By performing the researches, we intend to achieve morphological, chemical and genetic characterization of different Origanum and Isop varieties. The morphometric estimations will be documented and systematized with the data base. The identification and characterization of the chemotypes will be made by studying the composition of the essential oils with GC, HPLC, etc. We will identify the genetic variability based on the RAPD profiles. We recommend the identification of some aspects regarding the inheritance of the morphological and biochemical characters. We will estimate the association among the morphological, biochemical and genetic characters and the effect of the environment on the formation of valuable quantitative characters.
The results will permit the characterization of the genetic resources of the studied species that may be used in preservation strategies of the MAP biodiversity and detect the forms to be introduced into the melioration process. On the bases of these studies, we will estimate the possibility to elaborate some molecular markers and associate them with the quantitative morphological and biochemical characters. The given markers will be used to identify the new valuable genetic sources and to facilitate the melioration assisted by molecular markers (ASMM).