The project starts from the necessity to sustain the quality of life by means of a supplementary contribution of antioxidanr nutrients, good for the human organism to prevent and fight the harmful effects induced by the intrinsec and extrinsec factors.


General objective: increasing the quality of the products of the innovative food supplement type, using some advanced elaboration and monitoring methods by effectively capitalizing the knowledge of our partners.


Specific objectives:
increasing the innovation degree in the field of the food supplements of the food integrator type, based on an advanced study of the antioxidant activity of some phytocomplexes isolated from less capitalized vegetal species;
improving the range of products with antioxidant action with food integrators aimed to raise the quality of life;
elaborating food integrators to achieve a sustainable health.


The necessity of the project resides on the present widening of the antioxidant product range targetting a certain group (especially seniors of the third age). The services offered were to achieve the following activities: selection of vegetal products (less capitalized MAP) with a stressed antioxidant action and the investigation of the biosynthetic potential for the antioxidant compounds (polyphenolic, terpenic, phytosterolici compounds) by TLC, spectroscopy, HPLC, GC-MS; the evaluation of the antioxidant action by means of modern, comparative methods and the selection of the phytocomplex to be introduced into formulas; determining the antioxidant potential of the phytocomplex by methods of the DPPH, TROLOX, Vit. C type; obtaining some types of vegetal extracts by modelling the extractive parameters (solvent, time, temperature) and the extraction techniques; elaborating and characterizing formulas by associating the phytocomplex/active principle selected from the elaborated vegetal extracts; including new forms of infusion/decoct and fluid vegetal extracts into the products, improving a pre-existing formula.